Wende Schoof

Senior Advocate & Senior Real Estate Specialist

Since 1995 Wende has been helping homeowners and buyers with successful home transitions in her Realtor® role. As a long-time Senior Real Estate Specialist, Wende has added her role of Senior Advocate to that of Realtor®. Her mission to empower senior homeowners and their families to navigate some of life’s most difficult transitions – aging with dignity and living in the right home to accomplish that goal – reflects her passion of helping older adults live their best lives through all stages of life.

Wende understands from her experience with her own parents that finding, financing, and accepting the best home for life’s later stages can be stressful and overwhelming for many older adults and their families. Through her own experience and the experiences of many clients with whom she’s worked, Wende has learned the value of knowing the people, information, and services that can be entrusted with upholding her client’s best interests. With that in mind, she and her partners provide a resource hub to help alleviate the stress of finding what is needed in times of crisis.

Beyond providing vetted resources to her clients, Wende utilizes her real estate expertise to help senior homeowners find their best home solutions for aging well, from staying in their current home to selling and moving to their next right-size home. 

For more information visit https://www.goldenagetransitionservices.com/ or email Wende at homes@wendeschoof.com .